Biography of Coleman Jarred (Jart) & Mary Jane Warrick Hudson

This page is a work-in-progress.

We are now concentrating on the first stage of writing the biography - collecting relevant documents, images and oral records.

We have several webpages being utilized to gather this data. They all have the CJ & MJ prefix as part their webpage names.  

If you would like to make comments on any posts, provide documents and/or images or become more intimately involved in this endeavor, please contact us through:


Who are needed are professional and general helpers to:
  • Interpret and summarize legal documents.
  • Transcribe handwritten and hard-to-read documents.
  • Help with internet or on-site research.
  • Provide oral or written history about CJ & MJ.
  • Network with descendants and others to discover oral or written history about CJ & MJ.
  • Help with odds and ends, and tasks not yet identified.

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