On this page you will find a list of 1468 descendants that we have identified as of 6/17/2019. We have not progressed enough in our tree development to be able to estimate how many descendants actually exist, but we think maybe three to five thousand. 
In addition to providing general information, this page may assist you, if you don’t know, to determine whether or not you are a descendant of CJ & MJ, and/or assist you to determine to which family unit [tree] you belong. Of course, it may help you to identify descendants, including yourself, that need to be added.
A family unit is a child of CJ & MJ and his/her spouse and their descendants. Each child/family unit has a tree page on this website. The tree pages are named for/after the children and are:
Bettie, Bose, Charlie, George, Hollie, Ida, John, Sam, Sallie, Susan, Will I, Will II
Will had children with two wives, thus we have twelve family units.
To help us add descendants or make corrections to these lists/trees or anything else, please contact us:
Contact Us page on this website.
Gary Hudson (from Turkey, lives in Raleigh) on Facebook.
Gary Hudson, 3305 Byers Drive, Raleigh, NC 27607
Here is the information we would like to have for each descendant:
Name of Family Unit (Bettie, Bose, Charlie, George, Hollie, Ida, John, Sallie, Sam, Susan, Will I, Will II)
Full name (including full name before marriage for women)
Name known by if other than first name.
Date of birth (DOB)
Date of death (DOD) 
Closest descendant relationship (daughter of, son of, wife of, stepdaughter of ……)
Except for older generations, we do not post DOB and DOD on our website, but we do collect this information.
Click on the spreadsheet and then zoom for larger views.
Family Tree - All Descendants 06172019
Family Tree - All Descendants 06172019
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