Descendants of Susan [Amace Barnhill]
Amace had childern with both of his wives, Sudie (Susan) Hudson Barnhill, and then Sophonia/Sophrona Lenorah Dupree Barnhill.

Our tree on this page includes all descendants of Amace.

There are two versions of the same tree posted here. In the first, the descendants are listed alphabetically by last name. In the second, the descendants are organized by nuclear family. 
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Here is the information we would like to have for each descendant:
  • Name of Family Unit (Bettie, Bose, Charlie, George, Hollie, Ida, John, Sallie, Sam, Susan, Will I, Will II)
  • Full name (plus full name before marriage for women)
  • Name known by if other than first name.
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Date of death (DOD) 
  • Closest descendant relationship (daughter of, son of, wife of, stepdaughter of ……)
Except for older generations, we do not post DOB and DOD on our website, but we do collect this information.
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On this version of the Susan [Amace] tree, the descendants are listed alphabetically by last name.
Family of Susan [Amace] tree 05012020
Family of Susan [Amace] tree 05012020