Charlie (Charlie Coleman Hudson)
Charlie (Charlie Coleman Hudson)

Charlie Coleman Hudson     (6/24/1874 – 9/17/1964)


Minnie Laws Hudson     (1880 – 1931) or (1874 – 1951)


Mary Elizabeth Hudson Clifton     (6/30/1897 – 5/28/1995)

Mattie Mae Hudson Jones     (12/22/1898 – 1/28/1983)

Leslie C. (Les) Hudson     (12/15/1900 – 5/6/1984)

Elva V. Hudson Hunter     (2/15/1903 – 2/2/1999)

Alice E. Hudson Register     (2/6/1905 – 3/3/1985)

Thomas G. (Tom) Hudson     (8/29/1907 – 9/3/1992)

Nannie A. Hudson Jones     (11/12/1909 – 3/29/1987)

Woodrow Hudson     (5/15/1912 – 1/9/1928)

Joe Hudson     (11/06/1914 – 10/4/1974)


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Click on and zoom on photos for larger views.

Click on and zoom on photos for larger views.


Three Sons of Coleman Jarred (Jart) Hudson
Three Sons of Coleman Jarred (Jart) Hudson
This picture was taken in 1957.

Left to right: George Washington Hudson, John Thomas Hudson, Charlie Coleman Hudson

Three sons of Coleman Jarred (Jart) Hudson

The location of this photo is not known, but on this day the three brothers got together with some other family members to clean up the Hudson Cemetery.