Will (William J. Hudson)
Will (William J. Hudson)

William J. “ Will” Hudson   (12/13/1867 – 8/31/1941)


First Wife: Elizabeth McPhail Hudson

Second Wife: Etta Barnhill Hudson  (8/3/1872 – 12/24/1948)

Children by Elizabeth McPhail Hudson (Will I)

Troy Raymond Hudson   (10/3/1888 – 10/31/1960)

Coleman Hudson

Children by Etta Barnhill Hudson (Will II)

Mary Jane Hudson   (5/17/1901 – 2/15/1942)

Ruth Marie Hudson   (4/26/1908 – 11/1/1929)

Shad Hudson

Betty Hudson

Marus Wilbert Hudson Sr.   (9/25/1910 – 7/04/1985)



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Click on and zoom on photos for larger views.

Click on and zoom on photos for larger views.