2017 - All Attendees
2017 - All Attendees
2009 - Newborn & Youngest Descendant
2009 - Newborn & Youngest Descendant
Coleman Jarred “Jart”
& Mary Jane Warrick
Hudson Family Reunion

Sunday, April 25      1:00 Sharp
Turkey Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
144 West Faison Ave., Turkey, NC 28393

Topics Covered on this page:
  •  General Information
  •  Preregistration
  •  Registration
  •  Agenda
  •  Fun Program
  •  Volunteering
  •  Donations
  •  Hotels
  •  Directions
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Turkey Baptist Church - Fellowship Hall on left back.
Turkey Baptist Church - Fellowship Hall on left back.
General Information

The 2018 reunion, as usual, will take place in downtown Turkey.  This is the 45th annual reunion. The reunion takes place on the fourth Saturday of April every year.

If you are first time attending, you might want to take a look at the Welcome page, reunion photos in Photo Albums and the Agenda on this page to see how it goes.

Lunch will be potluck, so please bring your favorite dishes and desserts to share.

Following lunch, not including dessert which will be served later, we will have our fun program. After the program we will break for dessert and the taking of family unit pictures.

After picture taking and dessert, we will have an open mike and talent show where family members are encouraged to share their musical, comedic and other family appropriate talents. We especially would like to encourage our elders to tell their favorite family anecdotes about the good old times.

2008 - Candle Lighting Ceremony
2008 - Candle Lighting Ceremony


We rely on preregistration, registration, photos, videos and pre/post reunion feedback to record the attendees and activities of the reunion. Preregistration also tells us how many tables and chairs are needed and how to set up the room. It also help us make final plans on the program. It is very helpful to have everyone to preregister.

To preregister please provide:

 An email address for a contact person in your party.

 The name of your family unit.

 Full names and birthdays for all attendees in your party.

 Let us know about nicknames. Examples:

 David Alexander (Alex) Hudson

 David Dwight Hudson Sr.

 David Dwight Hudson Jr.

Indicate if an attendee is:

A visitor – not a descendant (birthdates are not requested for visitors)

Attending for the first time. 

Participating in Open Mike – describe your activity.

A graduate since the last reunion, High school and up.

Married since the last reunion – provide full names and date.

Please also provide names and ages (or DOD) of those who have passed on since the last reunion.

Email address: cjmjwarrickhudsonreunion@gmail.com or use the Contact Us page.

Postal address: Gary A. Hudson, 3305 Byers Drive, Raleigh, NC 27607


2017 - Registration Table
2017 - Registration Table
Registration at the reunion

If you do not preregister, please look for the self-registration table when you arrive.  There will be a form for each recognition made during the fun program. For examples, there will be forms for Age 80 and Older, Newborns, First Time Attending and so forth.  The forms will be filled in with the information obtained from preregistration, so it will be easy to understand the process. There will be someone to assist you.

0PENING AND WELCOME: 45th Annual Reunion


Announce names of members who have passed away since the last reunion.

Silent prayer in memory of loved ones who have passed away.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Lunch  (Dessert served later after Fun Program)

Pass the Hat. (Collection of Donations)


Fun Program

Picture Taking of Family Units (While dessert if being enjoyed)

Open Mike


2014 - Fun Program
2014 - Fun Program
Fun Program

Recognition of the following who are PRESENT:

Officers 2017-2018

Babies born since the last Reunion

Youngest Descendant of CJ & MJ


Children of Ages 1 through 18

Each Family Unit.

Graduates, high school and up, since the 2016 Reunion

Family Members who are 80 years old and above.

Oldest Descendant of CJ & MJ 

Family Members attending for the FIRST TIME

Couples who have married since the 2016 Reunion.


Best Dressed Female

Best Dressed Male

Wizard of Witt Contest

2010 - Volunteers
2010 - Volunteers


Let us know if you will help a day or two before the reunion:

  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Put on tablecloths.
  • Transport and set up stepped platforms for photographs.

Contact David Hudson.
Home Phone: (910) 910-533-3259 
Cell Phone: (910) 214-5995

Let us know if you will help with the following at the reunion:

  •  Registration 
  •  Lining up people for photographs.
  •  Taking Photographs
  •  Making Videos

Contact:  cjmjwarrickhudsonreunion@gmail.com or use the Contact Us page.

2017 - Hats
2017 - Hats

Usually, donations collected at the reunion during Pass the Hat are sufficient to cover the expenses. This year we have extra ordinary expenses related to the construction and fees of this website. For example we need to pay the artist who drew the Site Maps for the History - Life (Homestead Farm) page.

If you would like to make a larger than usual and/or anonymous donation, you may simply hand it over to David Hudson at the reunion or mail it to him:

David Hudson
6890 Old Warsaw Road
Turkey, NC 28393

We would like to find a descendant(s) to set up a bank account and manage the Donations page on our website. Until we find someone, that feature is not turned on, and we will have to make and take donations the old fashioned way.


There are several hotels in Clinton and Warsaw. The closest and most convenient to the reunion are the two with a Warsaw address located at the intersection of Interstate 40 and NC 24. It is only about 2.5 miles from the Turkey Baptist Church Fellowship Hall and an easy drive. There are directions from this intersection below.

From Interstate 40, Exit 364, Warsaw – Clinton – Warsaw Exit
Take West Highway 24 toward Turkey – Clinton
Go 2.63 miles to flashing light in downtown Turkey
Turn left onto Union Road
Go one block – brick building on left
Turn left on West Faison Ave.
Church is down on right – brick building.
Fellowship Hall is on opposite back corner of Church.

From Clinton, Intersection of Southeast/Northeast Blvd./Hwy. 701
Turn onto Warsaw/Turkey Road/East Hwy 24
Go 7.57 miles to flashing light in downtown Turkey
Turn right onto Union Road
Turn left on West Faison Ave.
Church is down on right – brick building.
Fellowship Hall is on opposite back corner of Church.

From Reunion to Home Place – if you would like make an unhosted visit to the grounds.
Go west on West 144 Faison Ave. to Union Road
Turn right onto Union Road.
Go .1 miles to flashing light.
Cross straight over Hwy 24 onto Faison Rd, which will become Cabin Museum Road.
Continue straight from Highway 24 (railroad tracks) for about two miles.
At the first crossroads turn right onto Old Warsaw Road.
Go about .5 miles
The Home Place is the first and only white two story wood framed house on the right until you cross Turkey Creek.
Present home of David Hudson   6890 Old Warsaw Road, Turkey NC 28393

Coleman Jarred and Mary Jane are buried in a cemetery in the middle of the field about four hundred yards eastwardly (left) of the house.  The path to the cemetery is about .4 miles past the house on the right.