Coleman Jarred & Mary Jane Warrick Hudson Family Reunion
Reunion 2020 - Special Edition
Coleman Jarred & Mary Jane Warrick Hudson Family Reunion 

Happy Holidays!
Seasons Greetings!

2020 Holiday Greeting Card
2020 Holiday Greeting Card

David Dwight Hudson, Sr., cordially invites you to join him at the 47th straight Coleman Jarred and Mary Jane Warrick Hudson Family reunion. David has had perfect attendance since our reunion started in 1974, serving as an officer or in other capacities for all of these years.

Covid 19 has prevented us from meeting in person this year, but it will not stop us from getting together and celebrating on this page. We will celebrate by posting on this page family photos that you send to us.

Please send us a photo or two of your family (not necessarily the whole family) celebrating or attending family occasions together. And please send us photos of your parents’ family, your grandparents’ family and so forth all the way back to CJ & MJ. And beyond!

Please identify everyone who appears in your photos by the fullest names that you know, and state the date, occasion and location.

Also, please send any messages or comments that you would like to provide. Think of this as you sending season’s greetings cards to all of your huge extended family.

Also, please state where you currently live.

You may resubmit a photo or indicate a photo that is already posted on this website.

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If you prefer, you may post your photo and text on our fan page: Our Facebook Fan Page, and it will be permanently posted here by our volunteer staff.

This event will last thru Jan 2. Please check back regularly, maybe even to the end of January, as it might take many days to post all the photos depending on how many arrive and how much information arrives with them.

We are going post a few photos from the George family to get things rolling.

Adrienne Smith Stanley (All)
Dan Grantham Jones (Bettie)
Holly Carlton Byrd (Bose)
Sue Jones Jordan (Charlie)
David Dwight Hudson, Sr. (George)
Gary Alan Hudson (George)
Rebecca Outlaw Dyer (Hollie)
Dorenda Barnhill Gilbert (Susan)
Cathy Warrick Blow (Sallie)
Pat Shumate Batten (Sallie)
Toni Sanfilippo Hudson. (Will)
David Dwight Hudson Sr. & Extended Family
David Dwight Hudson Sr. & Extended Family
David Dwight Hudson Sr. & Extended Family
This photo was taken on 4/4/2018 at The Quarry At Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, NC, where Alexander (Alex) David Hudson married Lacey Nicole Hill.

A very special Seasons Greetings from my family to our family of about 3000 descendants, which we have thus far tracked down and recorded on our family tree. And to the hundreds, perhaps thousands more with which we have yet had the pleasure of becoming acquainted. And of course to our dear friends. May 2021 bring a relief from this pandemic, and may it shower good health and prosperity upon us all. - David 

I still live in the what we now refer to as the Hudson Manor. where I was born in 1934. It is located in Turkey [Township], Sampson County, North Carolina. - David

Pictured from left to right are:

Karen Ada Hudson, daughter of David Dwight Hudson Sr.

Phyllis Kay Justice Hudson, wife of David Dwight Hudson Jr.

Lacey Nicole Hill Hudson, wife of Alex.

Alexander (Alex) David Hudson, son of Dwight.

Jennifer Marie Hudson, daughter of, and standing in front of Dwight.

David Dwight Hudson Jr., son of David

David Dwight Hudson Sr.

"We are so Blessed by Uncle David! He exemplifies all of the Wonderful qualities of our Hudson Family!" - Nell Hudson Herring.

David Dwight Hudson Sr., son of George Washington Hudson, grandson of Coleman Jarred (Jart) Hudson.
Crazy Socks Thanksgiving 2020 - Ricky & Cathy Blow
Crazy Socks Thanksgiving 2020 - Ricky & Cathy Blow

Crazy Socks Thanksgiving 2020
Family of Ricky Allen & Cathy Elaine Warrick Blow

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cathy and Ricky and all our branches and twigs. We are thankful and blessed.

We live about 20 miles northeast of where my great grandparents are buried in Grantham, NC. They are buried in the  Louis Bryant Warrick Family Cemetery, which is named after my great grandfather. We live in a little community called Belfast, which is pretty close to being halfway between Goldsboro and Pikeville, NC.
The Two little ones are: Avery and Abby

Sitting on steps: Stephanie
Standing on steps: Ricky

Sitting or Standing on Porch: Morgan, Josh, Chris,

Melanie, Paul, Katie, Cathy

Stephanie Lynn Zick, wife of Chris
Ricky Allen Blow, husband of Cathy
Morgan Evans, girlfriend of Josh
Joshua (Josh) Parrish, son of Melanie
Christopher (Chris) Allen Blow, son of Cathy
Melanie Paige Blow Parrish, daughter of Cathy
Timothy PAUL Parrish, husband of Melanie
Katlyn (Katie) Grace Parrish, daughter of Melanie

Cathy Elaine Warrick Blow, daughter of Paul Avery Warrick, granddaughter of Mallie Avery Warrick, great granddaughter of Sarah (Sallie, Sally, Sally Jane) Jane Hudson Warrick, great-great granddaughter of Coleman Jarred (Jart) & Mary Jane Warrick Hudson.

Family of Jewel Hudson Cannady - Xmas 2020
Family of Jewel Hudson Cannady - Xmas 2020

Family of Jewel Margaret Hudson Cannady – Christmas 2020
Front Row: Carlon, Jewel, Kelly

Back Row: Roy, Scott

Merry Christmas!!!!!

My siblings, Peggy and Samp Jr., and I still own the part of our great grandparent’s lands that my father inherited from his father. I go to check on our property regularly and to take care of our Coleman Jarred (Jart) Hudson Family Cemetery where our parents and great grandparents are buried. Roy and I have lived and raised our children in Salemburg, NC.

Carlon Scott Cannady, son of Scott.

Jewel Margaret Hudson Cannady, daughter of Sampson
Monroe Hudson, Sr., granddaughter of George [Washington Hudson], great granddaughter of Coleman Jarred (Jart) & Mary Jane Warrick Hudson.

Kelly Jewel Cannady, daughter of Jewel.

Roy Glenn Cannady, husband of Jewel.

Nathan SCOTT Cannady, son of Jewel.
Gary to meet the in-laws to be in 1990
Gary to meet the in-laws to be in 1990
Gary Alan Hudson and Michelle Maria Sebald – 1990

On the occasion of this photo, Michelle and I are at the Sebald home in Kinston, NC, where I will fool the in-laws-to-be, something the Sebald family has regretted for over 30 years. We were married on 6 October 1990.

Today, on New Year's Day 2021, I wish that Michelle and I will be together another 30 years, that Covid will not survive another 30 days, and that this year will bring good health and happiness to all of us.

Michelle and I have lived in Raleigh, between Carter Finley Stadium and Umstead State Park for the last 25 years.

Gary Alan Hudson, son of George Dewey Hudson, grandson of George [Washington Hudson, and great grandson of Coleman Jarred (Jart) & Mary Jane Warrick Hudson.