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Bettie (tree)
Descendants of Bettie
Gideon E. & Elizabeth (Bettie) Virginia Hudson Grantham

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Here is the information we would like to have for each descendant:
  • Name of Family Unit (Bettie, Bose, Charlie, George, Hollie,
  • Ida, John, Sallie, Sam, Susan, Will I, Will II)
  • Full name (including full name before marriage for women)
  • Name known by if other than first name.
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Date of death (DOD) 
  • Closest descendant relationship
  • (daughter of, son of, wife of, stepdaughter of ……)
Except for older generations, we do not post DOB and DOD on our website, but we do collect this information.
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Bettie Family Tree - 7-18 -2020
Bettie Family Tree - 7-18 -2020
Haley Thornton Sutton - Family of Bettie
Haley Thornton Sutton - Family of Bettie
Haley Thornton Sutton


Facebook: Haley Thornton Sutton (from Grantham, NC, lives in Raleigh) 

Haley Thornton Sutton (10/21/1988 - ) A great-great granddaughter of Gideon & Bettie, Haley is one of our Family Tree Coordinators for our Family of Bettie tree work. 

Haley grew up in Grantham, North Carolina, just down the road from where is located the Grantham Homestead house, in which Gideon and Bettie lived back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. There are one or more photos of this house on the Bettie (photos) page. There is also posted thereon an article about the history of this house and the family. 

Why did Haley volunteer to do this work?

I have always had an interest in genealogy, but I became serious about really pursuing it once my husband, Cameron and I decided to plan our (fall of 2019) trip to England. I have always been curious about my family and where they are all from. I had always heard our ethnicity was Irish, English, and Scottish so I wanted to put that to the test with an Ancestry DNA test. The results to that really peaked my interest in my family history (I am happy to share those results with whomever may be interested in them). I am particularly interested in the Grantham side of my family seeing as my hometown is named after them, and I have read multiple sources that say that the Granthams are one of the oldest and most respected families in that area. As I have gotten older, I have become much more interested in history and with learning just "who I am," so to speak. I feel like researching my ancestry will not only satisfy my curiosity about my family and our history, but I also think it will be fun and a great way to meet people. – Haley Thornton Sutton.

 Haley graduated from Southern Wayne High School in 2007. She graduated from NC State in 2011 (Go Pack!) with a degree in Biological Sciences and Minor in Wildlife Sciences.

Haley married Cameron Sutton in 2014.

Other than genealogy, her favorite hobbies include:

*Reading (particularly fantasy and historical fiction)
*Going to the beach (we have a house in Surf City on Topsail Island)

Haley Elizabeth Thornton Sutton, daughter of Kathy Elizabeth Hood Thornton, granddaughter of Billy Grantham Hood, great granddaughter of Gertrude (Gertie) Elizabeth Grantham Hood, great great granddaughter of Bettie, great-great great granddaughter of Coleman Jarred (Jart) Hudson. 

Daniel (Dan) Grantham Jones   (10/7/1958 - )
Dan is another valued member of our Gideon & Bettie family tree team. Whereas some of the other team members mostly utilize Facebook to track down and record descendants, Dan mostly utilizes and Before joining our team, he had focused his research into the Jones family tree, but now has joined us in tracking down Granthams, Hoods, Hudsons and all of the rest of us. He has also contributed many photos and documents which are posted on the Bettie (photos) page of our website. 
Daniel (Dan) Grantham Jones, son of Samuel (Sammie) B. Jones, grandson of Sudie Belle  Grantham Jones, great grandson of Gideon & Bettie, great-great grandson of Coleman Jarred (Jart) Hudson.
Although Dan grew up and still lives in Pennsylvania, he has maintained strong sentimental attachments to his Grantham cousins and to the Grantham Homestead in Grantham, North Carolina.
“This is a picture of the Grantham Farmhouse [see Bettie (photos)] that I took in about 2012, when the Littletons, the last Grantham descendant family to own the homestead, still lived there. It brought back many fond memories of the Thanksgiving holidays when we would travel from Pennsylvania to the Goldsboro / Grantham area to spend time with our relatives.  Nothing but fond memories from late 1960’s to early 1970’s spending time with Great Aunt Dessie Grantham who lived at the farmhouse, my grandmother Sudie Grantham Jones, Uncle Ralph Grantham, Aunt Edna Francis Gossard, and of course my cousins Linda West and Vicky Gossard.” by Daniel (Dan) Grantham Jones.